Monday, February 23, 2015

Chai Time:My Perfect Smartphone-Sahen Rai

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to our daily assistants. Whether it be iOS, android, or Windows phone, it's obvious there's many choices one can make when deciding what phone to buy. Although no matter how many different things companies try, no one can seem to get it perfect. Personally, I love my Moto X; but there's always room for improvement, right? So without further ado, here's my perfect smartphone.

 Hardware: My preferences for hardware are somewhat simple looks wise. I absolutely adore the M8 just like everyone else, however if I had the pick the body of a phone it'd probably be the Nexus 5.

Nexus 5/Google Play

 I'm a sucker for the light curved body and soft hand feel. I also think the screen size is perfect, not too big and not too small. I would go on about a perfect screen size, but that's a rant for another chai time. For the display resolution, I'd make sure to go for a 1080p screen, cause QHD makes little visual difference(from what I can tell) and consumes more battery. For processing power, I'd go with the latest chip for a 2015 flagship. The snapdragon 810 backed by the Adreno 430 GPU, which should do just fine for my needs.

Snapdragon 810/Qualcomm

For a camera, I'd like the sensor on the iPhone 6 plus because photos turn out fantastic and for camera software; I'd probably stick with the Google camera app,

iphone 6 plus camera/Apple

 just for its simplicity. Personally I'm not a huge fan of sd cards since I hate keeping some files separate from others. So 64 gb built in would be perfect for the music, pictures, apps, and miscellaneous files for my dream phone. I mean, 16gb has lasted me a solid 5 months and I'm just starting to worry about cleaning things out. Finally, I'd want at least a 3500mah battery. The size of the battery paired with the power efficiency of the 810 plus the 1080p display should allow me to get through a day or two at least off a single  charge. Which is pretty much exactly what I need.

 Software: I hate to be like every other tech writer ever, but my tastes for software are also somewhat simple. Stock Android, and because I've been using the Moto x as my daily driver for some time. I'd also definitely throw in the Moto suite, because I'd miss Active Display and Moto voice. I love stock android because of the lack of bloatware, and I'm almost obsessed with what Google did with material design and lollipop..

Android Lollipop/Android Pit

On top of the Moto suite, it'd also be nice to have double tap to turn on from LG. I have no real problems with iOS or Windows phone, but on a perfect phone I have to go with my favorite platform.

 Additional features: Additional features could mean anything from a pen to a laser focused camera; anything hardware wise I can only get from one phone or manufacturer. Since there's so many options here from so many manufacturers. I'm just going to list my top 3 in order of least to greatest

S4 Active/Coolmomtech

3) Waterproofing: This one isn't super high on my list. I mean, as cool as being able to shower with your phone is, I really don't have much of a use for it. I don't do that many things that require me being near water, and the fact that all the flaps would have to be covered would become annoying any time I try and charge it. That being said, not having to worry about my phone at all in the rain or any time I do have to be near water is nice.

Turbo Charger/Motorola

 2) Turbo charging: This one is interesting, I mean, for the most part I only have to charge my phone when I get home. I just grab the USB cable close to my bed, attach my Moto x, and head for a shower. By the time I come back, I'm sitting at about 60% and have enough battery until I go to bed. However, when I don't come home at a regular time. Being able to charge my phone from its normal 35ish% at an average end of the day up to close to 100 is great. There's nothing worse than getting a “5% battery left ” notification when there's no charger or outlet in sight.

Wireless Charger/Android Life
1) Wireless charging: I looooove wireless charging. Being able to just drop my nexus 7 on my desk when it needs a little juice is something I would love to have on the Moto x. Especially because the Moto x is used a lot more, and it's my daily companion for most of what I do. It also allows me to keep one less lengthy cable around, which is always a plus.

 So that's my dream smartphone. I tried to keep this chai time a little shorter, but when describing something so important brevity is difficult. Let me know what your dream phone is on twitter @masala_tech, and keep things spicy!

By Sahen Rai