Wednesday, March 11, 2015

App Review: Appy Geek-Sahen Rai

Every time I get a device, I normally setup things very much the same way. It goes basic setup, launcher, icon pack, Appy Geek. This is basically because I use Appy Geek about 50% percent of the time I'm on my phone because it's just so useful. For those who don't know, Appy Geek is a news aggregator app that first lets you choose certain topics, and then gives you articles for those topics like so:

From there you tap on the article you want to read, and are given a mobile friendly version where in-line images are accessible via a tappable list at the top. You can then swipe for the next article in that topic, or go to a new topic for more articles.

You're given the option to share from a menu at the top right, and can read comments at the bottom of the article. All of this may seem simple, but that's really what I want when looking for a good news reader. Something that brings me everything I need, in an easy to read format. I can't tell you how many times I've spent literally hours perusing through articles trying to catch up on that day's news.  I've tried things like Feedly or Play Newstand, but generally they're not nearly as simple and require more setup.

Appy Geek also comes with two widgets; a rollover and a list. I generally prefer the rollover just because it looks cooler, but I'm pretty sure the list requires less background processing. You then choose a topic, which can just be "My News Digest"(See Below), and the widget is refreshed every so often with new articles. This is probably the main way I start using Appy Geek. An article will catch my interest, I'll click, and be stuck on Appy Geek for the better part of an hour.

I am a huge fan of apps that look good. So I suppose my one critique of Appy Geek is that it's not "materially designed" yet. Don't get me wrong, the interface isn't bad or anything, but I do prefer material design over pretty much anything a developer does themselves. Not only does it look good, it also promotes unity among apps on the Google Play Store, and that's good for Android.

The last, but certainly not least, thing I'd like to go over about Appy Geek is the "My News Digest" screen. When you swipe to the right of the main page, you're greeted with articles based on your viewing history on Appy Geek. So basically, all you really need to read for a session is a swipe away.

As Appy Geek keeps adding more sources, it'll just get better. So I strongly suggest you give it a try if you're a tech enthusiast, game lover, or just anyone who likes knowing what's going on in the world of technology.

- Simple to use
- Puts everything really important a swipe away(My News Digest)
- Places images in a smart way

- No Material Design(yet)

By Sahen Rai

Check out their website here and download the app here!