Thursday, June 11, 2015

App Review: Chromatik-Sahen Rai

As someone who's both a huge music fan, and enjoys creating covers of songs on his clarinet. Chromatik allows me to really enjoy myself. Whether I'm trying to relax after a difficult test, looking for a piece to jam out on, or finding a duet for me and a friend. Chromatik has a piece for me from one of my favorite artists. What is Chromatik you ask? Read on and find out!

Chromatik is an android, ios app, and website that holds thousands of popular songs for various artists.

Honestly, the first time I opened the app I was truly floored by the selection. Chromatik contains everything from Justin Bieber, to Disney soundtracks, to Aerosmith. Not only does it provide sheet music for any instrument, it also provides all of this for free. The only thing you need to signup for an account is your email.

Once you pick your song, you're greeted with the sheet music.

I like Ed Sheeran, don't judge me...

From here, you can choose your instrument

and just play. Once you hit play, the sheet music will begin scrolling with the tempo of the song. You can even have the youtube video of the song play in the background, thus allowing you to feel like your favorite singer (or as close as you can feel on a clarinet). 

Now I'm not a huge fan of the design of the app, but honestly; because of how much I love what it allows me to do it barely bothers me. I've spent hours looking through Chromatik's large library searching for songs to play. I've even used the website to record a cover for my friends birthday (which she loved btw). I haven't really used the web or ios app much, but I'm sure they're also of similar quality. I do wish you could print the music out, but I'm sure you can't for copyright reasons. it may seem like I'm just gushing and overplaying (HA) how good the app is, but it's just impressive to me how large the database is and that they can offer it all for free. 

So next time you need a song on your instrument for a talent show, recital, or any other performance, check out the Chromatik app on Android or check out their web app.


- Extremely large growing database of music

- Video provided to play along

-Easy to navigate design


- Outdated(but not terrible) design

Tried Chromatik out for yourself? Let me know your thoughts on Twitter @masala_tech, and remember to always keep things spicy!

By Sahen Rai