Friday, July 3, 2015

Chai Time: Why I’m looking forward to the Pebble Time-Phillippe Monnier

In a world, where smartwatches lack two day battery capacity. One wearable will step in and save the day....

A few years ago Pebble kickstarted the smartwatch market with a kickstarter, one of the most successful ever. Not only did it give Pebble the funding it needed, but it also gave Kickstarter a massive popularity boost.

For the second edition, Pebble have gone back to their roots, and launched the new Pebble Time on kickstarter. It has already been shipped to early backers. I deeply wish I was able to be among them.

Pebble has taken on wearables on a different approach than Apple and Google. This approach includes battery that lasts over twice as much as most of the competition, while it is always on. It is also an approach which has ditched the touchscreen and has opted for buttons on the sides. The difference between the Pebble Time and the competition is clear, to even someone with the smallest knowledge of wearables. Apparently it is inferior, but what makes it so special?

Firstly, the screen we already have spoken of. Lasting days, it offers great visibility under direct sunlight. For dim lighting, it is equipped with a backlight which gets the job done. There have been complaints about the visibility under low light, but lets face it: if it’s dark enough for you to not see the watch, you should either be asleep, and in such an environment an ordinary watch would be hard to read (even with glow in the dark hands). The screen can be seen when it should be seen, and it works for close to a week, something unmatched by other watches.
Time features three colors, with a new color screen/Pebble
Now, let’s see what excites me most about the pebble: its OS. The new operating system is huge for us calendar users. The timeline is a new addition which allows to "travel"through time, by pressing the three buttons on the right, allowing you to check previous, current, and future events, integration from other apps is expected. The new, colorful OS includes new animations, which in my opinion are quite fun. Many have criticized them for being childish or unnecessary, but they bring some light-heartedness to the overall experience.

The new Timeline/Pebble

There are people who prefer the colorful displays and quality build presented in most devices, with the touchscreen instead of the buttons. However, I am among the people who prefer a better battery, being able to operate the device when wet, and being able to swim with it. I do prefer the operating system over wear's cards, pebble is more a personal assistant.

Pebble's approach accommodates more to my desires. Which wearable fits yours? Let us know on twitter @masala_tech, and remember to keep things spicy!