Sunday, March 20, 2016

App Review: ASAP Launcher

If you have read some of our articles, you may have assumed that we are launcher junkies, always looking for another launcher to test. You assumed correctly. Today we're looking into a new launcher which is still in its beta phase, and yet looks quite promising.

Having in mind that this is an early beta, with just over a hundred downloads, it is not surprising to find quite a simple and bare launcher, which does manage to be aesthetically pleasing.                  

As soon as we open this launcher, we are flooded with our beloved material design. The main homescreen is quite bare, including only a clock widget and music controls. If we slide from the left edge of the display we encounter a sort of app drawer which is similar to the one found on Action Launcher. If we slide from the right edge of the display a quicksettings menu is pulled out.

The dock contains the most used apps, which the launcher claims to learn over time. It can also be swiped up and expanded.

If we swipe to the left once we are encountered with an attractive card which contains your recents contancts, and if we swipe once again to the left we can see that a beautiful weather card occupies the whole screen.

In the same manner, when we swipe to the screens on the right we bring up firstly a calendar screen, and a to do list on the rightmost screen.

Overall, the launcher is very well put together. It combines great looks with a simple functionality that can be used by any kind of user. The preformance is extremely smooth, although there are some crashes every now and then, as must be expected with an early release. There is not much room for customization, there is no widget support (as of this release) for example. 
There is icon pack support, although that is unlocked via donation. The other customization options included in this release are the options to use a dark clock, show undread counts, andd change screen orientation. These options require the purchase of the pro version.

This is not a launcher I would recommend as a daily driver, mostly because of the stability issues. However, I highly recommend to keep an eye open to future releases which should be more stable and include more customization. I can definitely see myself buying the upgrade in the near future, once there are more features. 

By: Phil Monnier