Friday, June 19, 2015

How to: Cast your Android device's screen to your web browser-Sahen Rai

Supplies Needed:

- Android Device

- Micro-USB cable


1) Download the Mobizen app and sign up for an account

2) Download and install the Mobizen PC client from

also make sure that your device is plugged into the computer, and USB debugging is enabled.

3) Go through the Android app, and ignore the "Install Remote Help" thing that comes up

4) Finish both setup menus on Android and PC, and you should have these screens
PC, this one might look a little different

5) Enable "Booster Mode" on your device, which it will ask you about, and allow the computer "Fingerprint" option that comes up, which it will also ask you about.

6) Enjoy! Your phone should begin casting to your computer/browser



7)(Optional) You can also record your device's screen from the app! Just hit "record the mobile" screen in the app and follow the on screen prompts. Here's what I got!:

Tried out Mobizen yourself? Let me know what you thought on Twitter @masala_tech, and remember to keep things spicy!

Edit: Sorry about the video background noise, if it's too annoying I can get rid of it :).

By Sahen Rai