Thursday, July 16, 2015

Chai Time: The Land Beyond time (or my vacation without Android Wear)-Sahen Rai

Android wear has definitely had its ups and downs for me. I loved having it for the first few weeks. It was fast, responsive, and lasted me most of the day on my Moto 360. But after a while, it started to slow down and not last as long. I was getting only a half to three quarters of a day off a full charge, and everyday tasks no longer felt instant. This all changed when Wear 5.1 came into the picture however; it breathed new life into my Moto 360. I started wearing my watch every day, from when I wake up and even while I sleep.It goes with me wherever I go, and has become an integral part of my daily routine. I wanted to see just how much I needed the Moto 360, and decided to leave it behind on my recent vacation. Let's see how I faired!

For one, the actual physical absense of my 360 felt a little odd. I'm so used to just playing with the band or just having the material on my wrist it's weird to just not have it there. That aside, I did miss the utility of my watch pretty quickly. As soon as we got to the airport, it felt weird not being able to get all my notifications right away. Not getting flight times, or even just texts sent to my watch felt a little strange. But on reaching security, It was nice knowing I wouldn't have to deal with taking an extra item off and looking for it in the inevitable crowd at the end of the security line. After boarding my flight and reaching our vacation spot, I kept glancing at my wrist looking for the time or for a missed text. I tend to keep my phone on silent pretty much all the time because I tend to get a lot of miscellaneous notifications.

What was really weird was that sometimes I felt my wrist buzz. Really subtlely, but enough for me to notice it and then wonder if I'm going crazy. I'm not really sure what causes that to happen, but my guess is that I'm just so used to my watch buzzing that it just happens out of habit. But like I said before, not having the watch goes beyond just physical weirdness. Having turn by turn directions on my wrist was actually really nice and something I miss. Especially in a new place, where I'm navigating my family and I to different places every day.

There were a few other features worth mentioning that I missed. Music controls on my wrist are nice for long car rides, the ability to get questioned about my Apple watch is also something that felt weird not having. Yes, not having an extra device to charge is sort of nice, but I certainly missed my always present companion.I will likely bring it to the next trip I got to, and let you guys know what it's like having it on vacation.

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By Sahen Rai