Thursday, July 30, 2015

Chai Time:A week with only Shamu (Part 1)

After running into battery, camera, and size issues with my moto X over the last year or so. I've finally decided to upgrade my moto to something a little more on the premium side. I needed something with stock Android, a good camera, and awesome battery life. I finally decided on the nexus 6, and after a few days with it I decided to use it as my only device for an entire vacation. Let's see how this goes! Note: most parts of this series will be entirely text due to me writing everything on the blogger mobile app. With that out of the way, let's begin my adventure with only one device: the enormous nexus 6.

So right away, the benefits of having a phablet vs a regular phone became pretty apparent. We started this trip with a car ride and a hotel stay today. The car ride was great, I was able to put pretty much all of my media(3 seasons of spongebob, all my john mayer and Indian music, a few games, and a movie) onto just one device. The battery has lasted me pretty much all day, and now all I need to do is plug it in when we reach our hotel.

Another thing that really helped on the ride was the device's awesome speakers. I forgot to sync my new phone with our car's Bluetooth system, so I ended up using my device speakers which actually ended up being a pretty decent experience. Both my parents and I could listen to the music pretty well, even over the roar of the road. I wrote this entire article on the car ride while playing through the speakers full blast, and still managed to get through the day without a dead phone. That's pretty impressive! Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.