Friday, July 31, 2015

Chai Time:A week with only Shamu (Part 2)

Now on to day two. Today we flew two separate flights to get to our destination, and walked around for a bit within Maine. On the flights, the nexus provided me with some great media choices from my movies to my music. By the time we landed, I had about 40% battery, and this was after being up with my phone from 4am to around 3 o clock. As soon as we landed, I was greeted with some great suggestions of nearby restaurants and sites to visit courtesy of Google now. After a 1 hour drive from the airport to our hotel with some more media consumption . I got to the hotel with about 20 percent battery. Plenty to take a few pics, but eventually my nexus gave in to lethargy. It gave up at about 6:30, after basically a full day without a charge.

Speaking of the shots, the nexus 6 camera really came through. Although it's a bit slow to start and a little difficult to get it out quickly (mostly due to its size), once I can get a shot that 13 mp ois camera actually takes some great pictures. With them all being backed up to Google photos once I got to wifi, it's easy to just take as many pics as I want and worry about them later. Especially because of Photos ability to pick your best shots and delete the rest. The nexus 6 also comes with an awesome hdr + setting which can get some really nice and pretty accurate lighting out of some otherwise difficult shots.  Let's see what I can pull out of it over the rest of the trip!