Saturday, August 1, 2015

Chai Time:A week with only Shamu (Part 3)

So its been a few more days on vacation, and ive been able to go the whole day without worrying about charging. This includes light Reddit browsing, some messaging, some GPS navigation and some other light miscellaneous things. Taking pictures has turned out amazing, really happy with the camera on this thing. I've heard reports from other people that the camera is slow, but I've been able to take pretty much all the pics I need/want to in time.

The other thing I was worried about when picking this thing up was the size. But not once has it fallen out of my hands, or have I worried about it jumping out of my pocket (I also have  pretty big pockets). While the camera shortcut on the lock screen can be a bit finicky at times, sliding from it has never really been a huge problem. I'm interested to see what a few more days of field testing will bring!